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The following is an overview of the requirements for the major in Comparative Literature. Students work with the Undergraduate Adviser, Dr. Dawn Marlan, to develop a specific plan of study.

All course requirements listed below must be completed in order to graduate with a major in Comparative Literature. Courses must be passed with a grade of mid-C or better.

Core Courses

  • Two lower-division COLT electives
  • One 300-level COLT elective
  • COLT 301 Approaches to Comparative Literature
  • One of the following
    • COLT 302 (Theories of Poetry)
    • COLT 303 (Theories of the Novel)
    • COLT 304 (Theories of Drama)
  • COLT 305 Cultural Studies
  • One 400-level elective
  • COLT 415 Capstone Seminar

All substitutions must be approved by the major adviser.

Primary National Linguistic Field

Secondary Focus Field