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Minor in Comparative Literature

The Comparative Literature minor offers an opportunity for students to pursue an interest in world literature and film without advanced language study.

Courses required for the minor

7 courses total

  • Four COLT-prefix courses of which no more than two may be lower-division
  • COLT 301 Approaches to Comparative Literature
  • Two upper-division literature or film courses in the same subject area. These can be courses taught in COLT or in other departments. These two courses are also eligible to be taken abroad or away from the University of Oregon.

Note: All courses must be passed with a grade of mid-C or higher.

Declaring the minor

Students wishing to declare a minor in Comparative Literature meet with the undergraduate major and minor adviser, Dr. Dawn Marlan, to discuss their interests and develop a program of study:

Dr. Dawn Marlan
313C Villard Hall, 541-346-0934
Office Hours:

When the student decides to declare the minor, Dr. Marlan submits the required notification to the Registrar.


The student should check DuckWeb to see the minor designation reflected about 7 days after declaring the minor. After declaring the minor, the Degree Guide in DuckWeb will display the status of the minor requirements.

Tracking progress toward the minor

Students who have declared a minor in comparative literature should track their progress using the Minor Progress Form.

Planning to graduate

At least one term prior to graduation, students should meet with the major adviser to review their requirements. When the student applies to graduate in DuckWeb, the department is notified. The department will review the student’s Minor Progress Form and transcript. If all requirements have been met, the Registrar will be notified that the student has completed the Comparative Literature Minor.