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Applying to Graduate


Students should be aware of the University’s deadline to apply to graduate because it comes early in the term, typically¬†Friday of Week 4¬†in the term in which you plan to graduate. Apply to graduate on DuckWeb. If you miss the deadline, contact the Registrar’s office for information about the petition process for a late application.

Approval to graduate

University requirements

When you apply to graduate, the Registrar determines whether you have met the University requirements. Students should refer to their Degree Guide in DuckWeb and meet with the major adviser if they have any questions about whether a course will satisfy the requirements.

Approval to graduate with comparative literature major

Students should submit the Major Completion: Approval to Graduate Form to the major adviser for signature prior to applying to graduate. The signed form is your assurance that your planned course of study will meet the requirements of the COLT major. The form may be submitted up to two terms prior to the intended graduation term.

When you apply to graduate in DuckWeb with a COLT major or minor, the Department of Comparative Literature receives notification to approve or deny your application. The department’s Major Adviser uses the Major Completion: Approval to Graduate form to determine whether you have completed the requirements for the COLT major.

Other majors and minors

If you have declared a second major or a minor, those department(s) will determine whether you have met their requirements. If you have declared a second major or minor, but have not completed the requirements, you will not graduate. If you do not intend to complete the additional major/minor, you should drop it.