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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do students in the Ph.D. program typically receive funding?
A: Yes. Admitted students are typically awarded Graduate Employment appointments to work as teaching assistants.

Q: What is the language requirement for entrance into the Ph. D. program?
A: There is no specific language requirement, however, the Graduate Admission Committee will evaluate your current language skills with respect to your intended fields of study. Students are required to be proficient in and complete coursework in two languages other than English by the end of their third year of study.

Q: Does the Comparative Literature Department admit students into the Ph.D. program each term?
A: No. Students are admitted for Fall term only.

Q: Does the Comparative Literature Department admit students into the Masters’ program?
A: No. At this time the Comparative Literature Department does not have a terminal Masters’ degree program.

Q: Do my letters of recommendation need to be received before I can complete my application and pay the fee.
A: No. You may complete your application. The letters of recommendation will be inserted into your application when they are received.

Information for International Students

Q: What are the Comparative Literature Department’s English language proficiency requirements for a GE (Graduate Employment) position?
A: The Comparative Literature Department considers that clear oral communication with undergraduate students, and the ability to understand readily and respond appropriately to these students’ idiomatic speech and writing, are essential for teachers of literature at the University of Oregon. The following guidelines are meant to provide a basis for decisions affecting the GE appointment of foreign graduate students who may not demonstrate these abilities.

The standards required by the Graduate School for the appointment of GEs (the SPEAK test and subsequent training) are considered to be minimum but not sufficient standards for the appointment of GEs to teach literature in the Comparative Literature Department. The Graduate School and the Comparative Literature Department may stipulate further, more rigorous qualifications for GE appointments. Individuals receiving a score below 50 on the SPEAK test will not be appointed as discussion leaders or instructors in literature classes. At the discretion of the Graduate Director, individuals receiving a score of 40-45 may be appointed as graders in literature classes. For more information about the SPEAK test and Graduate School policies regarding GEs for non-native speakers, see:

Q: What are the financial statement requirements for International Graduate Students?
A: United States government regulations require that the University of Oregon verify the availability of sufficient financial support for non-immigrant students before a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) can be issued. Students with a GE award may present their award letter as proof of support. Graduate students without a GE will need to submit their financial documents upon Admission. For more information, see: