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Why Major in Comparative Literature?


What does a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature prepare you for?

In an age in which communication has become the very soul of the professional world, the ability to tell a story is paramount. Whether your career path leads in the direction of journalism, public relations, advertising, (screen-)writing, multimedia design and production, environmental planning, non-profit work, or political activism and organization, you will likely be responsible for developing narratives meant to grab people’s attention, stir their imaginations, and capture their hearts.

Consider how powerfully your approach to such “storytelling” would be enhanced by the study of stories which, though told in earlier centuries or even millennia, have not lost their hold over the mind and often acquire new life in the versions that flash across our many screens, large and small. Consider how your mastery of “creative strategies” could be sharpened by a knowledge of epics, plays, poems, films and other artistic forms in which creativity finds its truest and most intense expression, or how your ability to frame a presentation might profit from an understanding of the myriad labors that words and pictures perform. Imagine how the comparison of literatures from different hemispheres will better enable you to position yourself professionally within our global community.

Finally, while considering all this, don’t forget the intellectual and emotional enrichment that comes from immersing oneself in the lives and minds of those whose experiences find particular shape and focus through imagery, metaphor, rhythm and rhyme.