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Why Major in Comparative Literature?


What does a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature prepare you for?

Comparative Literature Major Snapshot

Comparative Literature is an innovative and interdisciplinary field of study. Comparatists explore the relationships between various forms of cultural expression; we think across and between traditional national, linguistic and disciplinary boundaries in order to generate new knowledge.

Comparative Literature at UO offers inspiring courses led by expert teachers and some of the most respected critics, scholars and writers our field. Our B.A. and minor are both exciting and practical, and they are ideally suited to students who are considering either a double-major or a major and a minor. They are also well suited to students who want to study abroad.

Our programs of study are anchored in thoughtful, engaged and ethical practices of reading, viewing, analysis, discussion and writing. We situate books, poems, essays, films, performances and works of media and visual culture in local, global and planetary frames. So our methodologies are well-suited to today’s multi-modal, transnational world.  Our recent graduates have gone on to pursue careers in journalism, higher education, public relations, creative writing, (screen-)writing, advertising, multimedia design and production, law, environmental planning, non-profit work, political organization and activism.