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Nomad Prize

The Nomad Prize is awarded to the best final paper of the mentorship year which is presented at the Nomad Undergraduate Conference.


Former UO President Richard Lariviere congratulates Anna Waller on winning the Nomad Prize at the 2009 Nomad Release Party.

The Nomad Prize is awarded annually for the best essay published in nomad. Recent winners include:

2017: Claire Williams

“Artificial Chaos, Come to Fruition: The Reinvention of Death in Westworld”

2016: Anna Fitting

“The Silent Border: Repression and Progression in Silent Hill 2″

2015: Mathilde Lind

“The Absurdity of Literary Folktales in Zachris Topelius’ ‘The Sea King’s Gift'”

2014: Bailey Albrech

“Portrait of an Artist as an Author: The Conscious Framing of Isaac Babel as Himself”

2013: Amanda Steinvall

“Bound to Tragedy: Secrecy’s Movement in Tristan and Isolde”

2012: Julia Vickers “

Overcoming Dualism: Reading Bodies and Words in the Work of Bill. T Jones.”

2011: Raquel Levine

“Sustaining/Consuming the Ego: Francisco Goya’s and Peter Paul Rubens’ Saturn Devouring his Son”

2010: Rachel Rasmussen

“Our Story, As I Know It”

 2009: Anna Waller

“Dancing the Undead: The Social Implications of Giselle’s Wilis”