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Nomad Mentorship Program

coxbryantThe Nomad Mentorship Program pivots around nomad, the journal of undergraduate writing. Working closely with their mentor, participants conceive, research, write and revise a 10-page essay throughout the academic year, and present it at the annual conference to receive feedback before submitting it for publication.

There are specific meeting times suggested for both mentor and mentee, but often they decide on their own how closely and how often they will work together. The value of Nomad rests precisely on this relationship: participants receive concrete feedback on their actual scholarly endeavors, and through this process build confidence in their own talents.

Furthermore, the mentorship program brings together a cohort of energetic undergraduates, and supports their development as a scholarly community through an array of group activities that promote camaraderie and collaboration.

This is what the process looks like for a participating student:


  1. Meeting their mentors and program staff
  2. Attending speaker event
  3. Attending workshop: how to develop a thesis and plan an essay
  4. Discussing the topic of their essay with mentor and submitting a thesis.


  1. Submitting short draft
  2. Attending workshops: how to work with sources; editing
  3. Attending speaker event
  4. Turning in second draft


  1. Submitting full draft
  2. Attending workshops: how to present your scholarship to an audience
  3. Attending speaker event
  4. Presenting essay at conference
  5. Revising essay after conference, and submitting for publication.