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Honors Track

Applying to the Honors Track

Students interested in entering the Honors Track should make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Dawn Marlan.

Applications to the Honors Track program are due Friday, Week 2, Spring term of the Junior Year. Students submit a transcript, writing sample, and the name of a faculty member who will recommend them to Dr. Marlan,


Completion of the honors track requires the successful completion of a bachelor of arts honors thesis and an additional 400-level elective.

The Honors Thesis

Honors students are admitted to the Honors Track in Spring term of the Junior year. Honors students develop a thesis topic by Week 5 of the Fall term of the Senior year and present a thesis prospectus by Week 10 of the same term. Students research and write the honors thesis through Winter and the first part of Spring term of the Senior year. Theses are defended in the Spring term.

The thesis must be comparative in nature, and should entail work in both of the student’s focus fields. If the prospectus is approved by both the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the student’s thesis adviser, then the student enrolls in Thesis (COLT 403) during Winter of their senior year. The thesis is completed under the supervision of the thesis adviser, and a copy signed by both the adviser and the second reader must be submitted to the department by the fifth week of Spring term. The final draft of the thesis must then be approved by the advisor and second faculty member after a formal presentation. Both thesis adviser and second reader should be chosen from the Comparative Literature Faculty or Participating Faculty.

Schedule and Deadlines

Students who have enrolled in the Honors Track should download the following schedule of deadlines:

Key Deadlines for COLT Honors Thesis Writers