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Core Course Requirements

Comparative Literature majors are advised to map out their intended course of study using the Major Progress Form.

All courses must be passed with a grade of mid-C or better.

  • Two lower-division COLT electives
  • One 300-level COLT elective
  • COLT 301 Approaches to Comparative Literature
  • One of the following:
    • COLT 302 (Theories of Poetry)
    • COLT 303 (Theories of the Novel)
    • COLT 304 (Theories of Drama)
  • COLT 305 Cultural Studies
  • One 400-level elective*
  • COLT 415 Capstone Seminar

Students may petition to opt out of the COLT 301 requirement by substituting an alternate 300- or 400-level course.To petition, see the major adviser.

*COLT 408 Nomad Workshop does not count toward COLT major requirements.

COLT 415 is typically offered Fall Term. All seniors should plan to register for this course. Students who are unable to schedule COLT 415 due to study abroad or other unavoidable conflict may petition to substitute another 400-level course. To petition, see the major adviser.

All substitutions must be approved by the major adviser, Dr. Dawn Marlan. Students are advised to meet with Dr. Marlan whenever they become aware of a conflict or change plans to insure that their intended courses will count toward the degree.