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Elizabeth Howard en route to Paris

Elizabeth Howard has accepted a position with the French Teaching Assistantship Program at the Académie de Paris. She will spend AY 2016-17 teaching English to the French while also doing preliminary research on her dissertation, part of which is focused on women who authored literary fairy tales ...

Latin American Iconicities of Absence

Julia Susana (Suzi) Gómez, doctoral student in Comparative Literature, gave a presentation on April 7 titled “Latin American Iconicities of Absence: A Cognitive Poetic Approach to Mirtha Dermisache’s ‘Unreadable Books.'” In her talk, she shared the results of research done ...

Ramona Tougas Publishes Article

Ramona Tougas has published “Langston Hughes and Performing Transnational Presence: Scottsboro Limited and Harvest” in Comparative Drama, 49 (Fall 2015). Article abstract: Theatre revealed shifts between movements in black modernism of the 1920s and 1930s. As Langston Hughes recalls in his ...

Daria Smirnova Receives Comparative Literature Journal Summer Scholarship

Daria Smirnova is a recipient of the Comparative Literature Journal Summer Scholarship for 2016. The award will enable her to undertake archival work at the Digital Humanities Lab at Yale University and at the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library. As part of her dissertation project, she ...

Ahmad Nadalizadeh Receives Translation Project Award

Ahmad Nadalizadeh has been selected for a Global Studies Institute – Translation Studies Working Group – Special Translation Project Award for his project on the poetry of Garous Abdolmalekian.
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