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Comparative Literature majors need to meet regularly with the undergraduate adviser:

Prof. Dawn Marlan
313C Villard, 541-346-0934
Office Hours: Fall 2018: T 9-1

Students should initiate meetings at least twice each year. Advising is critical when considering changes to the plan of study and at all the important thresholds of the major: declaring a major or minor, choosing focus fields, considering the Comparative Literature Honors Track, preparing for graduation, considering graduate study or employment, and so on. Dr. Marlan is generally available for advising on any aspect of the major or undergraduate study. Other members of the department faculty will provide informal advising as needed.

Advising appointments

Students should utilize the posted office hours whenever possible. When you are unable to attend regular office hours, please e-mail Dr. Marlan to request an appointment.

Students are encouraged to review and update their Major Progress Form and to review their Degree Guide in DuckWeb prior to their advising appointments.

Planning to graduate

Students should talk to Dr. Marlan when planning to graduate. She can determine whether the student will have completed the necessary course work.