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Tyekson College and Career Advising Center is open

We’re delighted to share the good news that the Tykeson College and Career Advising Center in Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall is open. Our new advising center in Tykeson Hall will be a central advising resource where you can work with professional College and Career Advisors who can help you plan for academic and career success. Information about drop-in sessions and appointments is here:

What does this mean for COLT Majors?

COLT majors will generally seek advising through the Tykeson Career Advising Team. However, the Comparative Literature Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Dawn Marlan, 313C Villard Hall, is a key contact for our majors. Dr. Marlan welcomes all students who have special questions or who simply want to talk about the major or share their enthusiasm for COLT. Students who seek to pursue the honors track and/or plan to pursue graduate studies in comparative literature or related fields should definitely consult with Dr. Marlan. Students are welcome to drop in to see her during office hours.

Please note that all exceptions to the COLT Major requirements must be approved by Dr. Marlan. Contact her by e-mail or drop-in to her office hours.

The role of the Tykeson adviser

Students should initiate meetings with a Tykeson adviser at least twice each year. Advising is critical when considering changes to the plan of study and at all the important thresholds of the major: declaring a major or minor, choosing focus fields, considering the Comparative Literature Honors Track, preparing for graduation, considering graduate study or employment, and so on.

Preparing for advising appointments

Students are encouraged to review and update their Major Progress Form and to review their Degree Guide in DuckWeb prior to advising appointments.

Pre-graduation checks

By Week 6 of the term prior to graduation, students should visit a Tykeson adviser for a pre-graduation check. Students should prepare for the appointment by planning the courses they will take in their final term and reviewing their Major Progress Form and the Degree Guide. The adviser will determine whether requirements will have been satisfied after your final term of study.