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Meet nomad editor Sunayani Bhattacharya

Sunayani Bhattacharya

Sunayani brings to nomad her experience from working as a sub-editor of a number of daily newspapers in India, and her interest in the publishing industry. She is particularly invested in this year's theme given her long-running love affair with the stiff upper lip of British humor. She is currently writing her dissertation on the reader of the novel in 19th century Bengal, focusing in particular on the novels of Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay.


The Department of Comparative Literature's journal of undergraduate writing

Cover Issue #1 2001

nomad, the UO Department of Comparative Literature's journal of undergraduate writing, has featured the best of the best since 2001: the smartest critical essays written by some of UO's most talented undergraduates.

Since 2007/8 nomad has published essays generated through the Nomad Mentorship Program. From the subject matter’s conception, to research methodology, to putting words on the page, to structuring arguments, to final and perfect proof-reading, participating students have the chance to get a firsthand experience of the business of getting articles published.

nomadThe end result is our annual journal of undergraduate writing, nomad. The 2014 edition of nomad features essays on the theme "FRAMED." The topic of this year's Nomad Mentorship Program is "HUMORS."

The journal's titles reflect the vast range and diversity of topics and trajectories that currently strain at the disciplinary boundaries of comparative literature and cultural studies, and it is our hope that nomad will provide new insights and help to open new areas of scholarship that may not be “on the map” of current faculty and graduate students.