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Nomad Speaker Event

Please join us for the first in our Threshold themed Nomad Speaker Events

Prof. Leah Middlebrook

"Showing What is Not Seen and Saying What is Not Said in Don Quixote"

Mona Tougas, Comparative Literature doctoral candidate

"Threshold of Justice: Langston Hughes' Scottsboro Play between Russian and English"

Nomad Speaker Event

Tuesday, Nov. 17

5:30 p.m., 110 Willamette

Nomad Theme

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This year the Nomad mentorship program hosted events meant to introduce participants to aspects of their research in which the theme "Threshold" has a particular resonance.

A threshold can delimit the space between the inside and the outside. It defines zones of difference, separates the known from the unknown, and can be transformative as it often involves the possibility of passing through a liminal space.




Nomad is a...

mentorship program, undergraduate journal of writing, speaker series, conference, a prize, and more...

Celebrating the release of the "What Sustains Us" the 2011 edition of the nomad JournalThe year-long Nomad Mentorship Program offers undergraduates from all majors the opportunity to develop their skills of research, writing, and conference presentation as they work toward publication of an article in the journal of the same name.

The program is comprehensive. It pairs undergraduate participants with faculty and grad-student mentors, who provide them with one-on-one guidance in developing advanced research skills in the literary humanities. Students are supported through the process of conceiving, refining, writing, and editing an essay related to the annual theme over a nine month period. Additionally, the program organizes a speaker series designed to teach participants how to present their own work to the public, skills they will demonstrate during Nomad's annual undergraduate conference.

The resulting essay is then published in the Comparative Literature Department's journal of undergraduate writing, nomad. This year's research theme is "Threshold."

Celebrating the release of the 2012 "Trick" edition of nomad: