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This year the Nomad mentorship program hosted events meant to introduce participants to aspects of their research in which the theme "Framed" has a particular resonance.



Chang Poster

Lan Samantha Chang, University of Iowa

presented a talk on April 3 entitled:

"Narrative Frame: Portal of the Past"

During her visit to the UO Campus, Prof. Chang was interviewed for the UO Today show: Click here to view interview




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Celebrating the release of the "What Sustains Us" the 2011 edition of the nomad JournalThe Comparative Literature Department's Nomad Mentorship Program offers a remarkable opportunity for undergraduates from all majors and at every stage in their studies to gain one-on-one guidance in developing advanced research skills in the literary humanities. Every school year the Nomad Mentorship Program models those skills via a speaker series organized around a designated research theme. Visiting artists and scholars, UO faculty and grad students share their art and their research over the course of the year. At the same time, undergraduate participants in the program work one-on-one with faculty and grad-student mentors to hone their research. The end result is the Comparative Literature Department's journal of undergraduate writing, nomad. This year's research theme is "Framed."


FRAMED, much like last year's theme SECRET, opens a metaphorical and conceptual window onto issues pertaining to the margin dividing the seen from the unseen. Its technical application for film and the visual arts, as well as for "framed" narration (the embedding of stories within stories), points to the broad interdisciplinary reach of FRAMED. The particular sense of "framing" as false incrimination amplifies the dual meaning of "plot" ("story," "scheme"), suggesting an important intersection of the structural and thematic dimensions of literary as well as cinematic fiction. As "setup," the frame implicates even the placement of the painter's easel or the cinematographer's camera as a kind of trickery, which extends from such classical forms as ekphrasis—a poem circumscribing a monument or piece of sculpture—to the cells of a cartoon or graphic novel.

Celebrating the release of the 2012 "Trick" edition of nomad: